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83: Settling the Underscore Vol. 2 - Freaks and Geeks
82: Settling the Underscore Vol. 1 - First Impressions
81: Jonatha Brooke (singer, songwriter)
80: Mob Town Tour Vol. 4 - Art Is What Happened
79: Mob Town Tour Vol. 3 - Is Jazz Still Regional?
78: Mob Town Tour Vol. 2 - A Club Beyond Category
77: Mob Town Tour Vol. 1 - The Search for Meaning
76: Morgan James (Singer)
75: Peter Straub (Author)
74: Ryan Keberle (Trombonist)
73: David Garibaldi (Drummer)
72: George Colligan (Pianist/Composer)
71: Ryan Gruss (Drummer/Entrepreneur)
70: Ryan Hewitt (Recording Engineer/Producer) 
69: Remembering Tommy LiPuma
68: What Is Music Therapy? 
67: Alexis Cuadrado (musician, composer)
66: Adam Schatz (musician, presenter)
65: Duchess (vocal group)
64: Benji Rogers (entrepreneur)
63: Ben Wendel (saxophonist)
62: Michael Dorf (entrepreneur)
61: Spike Wilner (pianist, club owner)
60: The election
59: Kurt Elling (singer)
58: Ari Herstand (musician, actor, music industry writer)
57: Michael Feldman (radio host)
56: pAt mAcdonald (singer, songwriter)
55: Al Schmitt (engineer, producer)
54: Adam Levy (guitarist)
53: Clifford Irving (writer)
52: Larry Goldings (pianist, organist)
Bonus mini episode: Should I move to Nashville? 
51:  On Prince (Paul Peterson, Ricky Peterson, Monte Moir)
50: Leo Sidran (musician, podcast host)
49: Marc Webb (director)
48: Gabriela Quintero (guitar player)
47: Butch Vig (producer, musician)
46: How to get nominated for a Grammy
45: Jorge Drexler (singer, songwriter)
44: Dave King (drummer)
43: What it felt like in Paris on November 13. 2015 (with Ben Sidran)
42: Becca Stevens (singer, songwriter)
41: Creed Taylor (producer)
40: Howard Levy (harmonica player, pianist)
39: Musicians Behind The Late Show (Will Lee, Michael Thurber, Jon Batiste)
38: Trade Winds Project
37: Newport Jazz Festival 2015 (with Ben Sidran) 
36: George Wein (concert producer)
35: Welcome to Copenhagen (with Ben Sidran)
34: Peter Koechley (social media mastermind)
33: Tommy LiPuma (producer) with Al Schmitt, Steve Gadd, Larry Goldings, Jacob Collier
32: Sachal (singer)
31: Peter Coyote (actor, writer, musician)
30: Charlie Hunter (guitarist)
29: Gabriel Stulman (restaurateur)
28: Madeleine Peyroux (singer, songwriter, guitarist)
27: Alan Hampton (bassist, singer, songwriter)
26: Falu (singer)
25: Alex Cuba (singer, songwriter)
24: Bill Stewart (drummer)
23: Doug Wamble (singer, guitarist)
22: Jascha Hoffman (singer, songwriter, journalist)
21: Steve Khan (guitarist)
20: Jacob Collier (singer, arranger, pianist, YouTube sensation)
19: Gil Goldstein (arranger, composer, educator, pianist, accordionist)
18: Jon Batiste (pianist)
17: Adam Dorn (musician, producer, composer)
16: Janis Siegel (singer)
15: John Ellis (saxophonist)
14: Greg Holden (singer, songwriter)
13: Michael Hearst (multi instrumentalist, composer, writer)
12: André  De Shields (actor, dancer, singer)
11: James Farber (recording engineer)
10: Emma Straub (author)
9: Rob Mounsey (arranger, composer, keyboard player, producer)
8: Jesse Harris (singer, songwriter, guitar player)
7: Tatum Greenblatt (trumpeter)
6: Jo Lawry (singer, songwriter)
5: Matt Pierson (producer)
4: Michael Thurber (bassist, composer)
3: Daniel Levitin (neuroscientist, musician, author)
2: Michael Leonhart (multi instrumentalist, arranger, producer, composer)
1: Will Lee (bassist)