Episode 17: Adam Dorn (Third Story vs. Compared to What Conversation)

Adam Dorn, musician, producer and composer, got his start early. Encouraged by his father, legendary record producer Joel Dorn, Adam left his home in Philadelphia when he was still in high school to pursue a life in music. Over the years, he has worked as a session musician on countless records, and as a producer for other artists. His solo project, “Mocean Worker” came about almost by accident, the results of a series of half-serious recording sessions. Since the release of his first album, Home Movies from the Brain Forest, the style has varied from a drum 'n' bass sound to a jazz-oriented dance sound that some call Electro-Swing, incorporating elements of funk, big-band and swing.

Earlier this year, along with his partner Charlie Hunter, Dorn launched his own podcast called “Compared to What”, which features long form casual conversations with musicians and creative friends. Sound familiar?

I suspected we would have a lot in common, and I was eager to sit down with Adam to talk. We agreed to use the conversation as an episode for both podcasts, so in fact the Third Story is a guest on Compared to What, and vice versa. These are exciting times!

This was a truly free flowing conversation - at times it behaved like an interview, and at other times more like a chat over coffee…Strong coffee. We covered a lot of ground, including our personal experiences growing up in the shadow of music business fathers, learning how to play and produce, electronic music, music education, and generally “going after” what you love.  It’s an honor and a pleasure to share this episode.


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