Episode 8: Jesse Harris, singer, songwriter, guitar player

Jesse Harris is a singer, songwriter, guitar player and producer who has been walking the line between jazz and pop since he got started in the mid 90’s.

While he was on a road trip with a friend, he stopped in Denton, Texas to visit some other musician friends of his, and happened to meet Norah Jones, who was still a student. The two became friends and ended up starting a band together after Norah graduated and moved to New York.

That single chance encounter in Texas would prove to be an incredibly important one for both Jones and Harris. Jesse contributed five songs to Norah’s debut album “Come Away With Me” and won a Grammy for his song“Don’t Know Why”.

Subsequently, he has released a dozen albums as a solo artist, and produced nearly the same again for other artists. Here he talks about his early musical development, his experience pre and post success, and the state of the business as he sees it today.  

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